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Culture, Technology and New Literacies Research Group.

This research group was established with the aim of offering answers to the daily challenges that the media and the new technologies in which they lean pose in today´s society. We believe that, as people, we not only receive information, but also produce it and convey it to others. In addition, and above all, we believe learning doesn´t just happen in the classroom, but also outside of it. 

Our work was born in the late 80s, from the belief that the University cannot remain isolated from the social, historic and cultural context in which it is immersed, and that its actions must contribute to improving the life of citizens, especially of youngsters. Through education we intend to develop a critical and creative thinking process, without forgetting values characteristic of people who exercise solidarity.


Last events where we participated

FROG 2011 - Vienna's annual Games Conference, "Future and Reality of Gaming"

"Competence, Media and Sociability of Play".

II International Congress Digital Society.

"Spaces for interactivity and immersion". Organized by UCM and Socmedia Reserarch Group.

II International Congress Creative Cities

Congress web. Organized by UCM and Scientific Asociation Grupo 14.

DIGRA 2011. The 5th Conference of DIGRA. Conference on Games and Play

"Think design play".

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Learning in real and virtual worlds

Learning with commercial video games. EA Spain

Communicacion and Learning in Digital Society

Commercial videogames and school learning





Pilar Lacasa new book Video Games: Learning in Real and Virtual Worlds as a result of ten years researching about using serious games for school learning.

We are currently developing the web Learning with commercial videogames as a result of the different research projects conducted in several primary and Secondary Education Centers.  Commercial video games have entered the classroom as educational tools. This is a colalboration with Electronic Arts. Spain

MA 'Communication and Learning in Digital Society'at Universidad de Alcala. New communication environments required specialized formation. Teachers and researchers will be able to analyze information critically and also create and develop knowledge using audiovisual languages.

Our report "Commercial Video Games and School Learning. Analysis of the Beliefs of Secondary School Students" [pdf] presents the data from our research during the last year in IES Manuel de Falla, Coslada (Madrid). It analyzed with teens, the educational potential of commercial video games

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