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La 'Tuatara Verde': educational material on road safety


Our research group, in a joint project with the José Pons Foundation, was in charge of the elaboration of the educational material for the treatment of safe mobility. This material was, subsequently, implemented in the classrooms, giving way to a report regarding its pedagogical usefulness.

Project Development

In this project we collaborated with the José Pons Foundation with the aim of learning and teaching to educate in and from the concept of respect. The purpose of the project was to introduce Road Education from a wide perspective, treating it as another component of a civic education, in light of the different and varied sides comprised by this subject. We treated topics ranging from the knowledge of signs and our behaviour or way of confronting them, to other areas related to the environment (acoustic, landscape or environmental pollution...), consumption (critical attitude since our decisions as consumers affect mobility), going through topics such as health and public or collective transportation. Behind all this we find a series of fundamental values and rules that we have to convey to our younger ones. Road Safety Education can play an important role as the transmitter of these values: from the coexistence to the responsibility and respect, from the taking of decisions in a joint and democratic way to friendship and camaraderie.

From this perspective, our research group collaborated in the elaboration of the educational material ‘La Tuatara Verde’, designed to contribute to achieving a road safety among children and teenagers within the framework of an education in values.    

Subsequently, we collaborated directly with the Foundation and Publishing Company José Pons in the design and Evaluation of the report ‘Informe: Educación en valores a través de los cuentos’, whose aim was to analyze the possibilities for the educational use of the Story Collection La Tuatara Verde, based on a pilot study on educational materials[vínculo al proyecto ‘Movilidad segura a través de los cuentos’].

Elaborating the educational material

The educational material elaborated on road safety comprises a three-story collection, with a support guide to maximize its pedagogical use, and a board game.

Why these two elements?

On the one hand, the stories, the tales, present from the beginning of humanity, help us to understand the world, to interpret it. Its characters live through the most diverse adventures and can become heroes that we can admire or reject; this is why their actions may be role models. In addition, and in contrast to what happens in other ways of thinking, such as the scientific one, stories evoke emotions. Being sad or joyful together with the main character, suffering or being happy next to them is almost inevitable; this is why they are very powerful tools when we want to turn them into educational agents.


On the other hand, we consider the game as a great ally in the learning process. Do we not learn better when we are having fun? Isn’t true that in these contexts the learnings are more meaningful and lasting? Do we not assimilate knowledge better by applying it and interacting with others?

Story collection La Tuatara Verde

From the age of 8 onwards, this three-story collection is designed and elaborated to contribute in educating children and teenagers in a road safety within the framework of an education in values.
Their main characters are four friends that make up the Tuatara Verde gang; the story develops with a simple language, an interesting plot and, accompanied by attractive images, will make readers acquire and deepen their knowledge of concepts related to the already mentioned road safety.

Guide to dialoguing through the Story Collection La Tuatara Verde

This guide offers support for teachers and families on how to teach road education from a perspective of an education in values.

It suggests certain conversation topics from which it is easier to discover the values shared in our society by people that are responsible and respectful with the environment and their society. 

This guide is an aid to foster dialogue on the basis of the story plots so that, through conversation, participants may discuss interesting and relevant topics that help in justifying the importance of acting with respect and in a responsible way before nature and one’s society. It is not a matter of authority, but of becoming aware by means of a critical reflection process.


La Tuatara Verde game

Designed for children aged 6 or over, it allows the option of having between 4 and 24 players. It is an innovative educational resource which joins education and leisure and intends to work on the idea of an education in values for a safe, responsible and sustainable mobility.

More information on the material



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