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Road safety through stories


The study “Educación en valores a través de los cuentos: La colección Los Tuatara Verde en las aulas (Educating in values through stories: The Collection of “Los Tuatara Verde” in the classroom)”, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Road Safety Education from the University of Alcalá and Pons Foundation, analyzes the didactic use of the collection of stories titled ‘La Tuatara Verde’


The main objective of this program was to analyze the educational possibilities that the collection of stories titled ‘La Tuatara Verde’ offered in activities oriented towards favouring road safety among children and teenagers within the framework of an education in values.

Project Development

In this research project conducted during the 2006/2007 school year, participants included 20 education professionals belonging to different educational centres from formal and non-formal environments from the community of Madrid and 2 teachers from a public school in Alcala de Henares who conducted the activity within their classroom together with a total of 36 students from Year 2 and Year 4 of Primary Education.

The two stages followed in the Project Development were the following:

- Stage 1: Study of the teacher’s previous ideas during a training course to find out their expectations through the analysis of the materials in the book collection La Tuatara Verde and the preparation of possible class activities.

- Stage 2:Development of activities in the classroom where researchers actively participated with the teacher, who carried out the previously planned activities.

The main topic chosen by both teachers to work with in the classroom was “signals”, even though each one sought the attainment of a different goal for students.

The data analysis had a double perspective. On the one hand, we had the dialogues generated around the materials, which revealed the strategies followed by teachers and researchers to favour an education in values as well as knowledge and values built when approaching the materials.   On the other we had the products, written texts and drawings from boys and girls.

These were generated from the use of the materials and it was therefore very interesting to explore the level of awareness achieved.


Educating through stories

Based on the observation, analysis and interpretation of what took place in the classrooms, this study shows the need to have access to materials that allow a flexible approach to an education in values and, more specifically, to educational situations that encourage the training in the respect for a road safety.

Reading and dialoguing

Working with stories opens up new opportunities to understand the reality and even change the way of acting, but this requires the person to be aware of the power and structure of the tool he or she is using.

A guided and dialogued reading leads to the surging of new aspects that may have remained hidden in an individual reading. Hence, stories help in the development of a thinking process much closer to an analytic understanding, helping children to predict and look for explanations for the events that take place.

Road safety and construction of narratives

Narratives imply the concatenation of situations in which events take place and in which specific characters act. Moreover, narrating also implies a certain position of the author in his or her work; following Bakhtin we’ll say that it implies a dialogue between the author and his or her characters.

In this way, the creation of stories is very useful when it comes to working on road safety education in class, since boys and girls come closer, from the inside, to the topic, assimilating what they learn and developing a critical spirit.

Also participating

More information

This guide offers support for teachers and families over how to teach road safety from a perspective of an education in values.

This report is a direct product of the evaluation conducted in collaboration with teachers and education professionals and its evidences are based on the observation, analysis and interpretation of what takes place in the classroom.


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