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Emerging technologies that enable communication are transforming our daily habits, in our time of leisure as well as in industry or education.  We research how this technology is significant for people when related to certain cultural practices.  For example, video games, today, co-exist with films or television and individuals who approach them do so from very different personal, social and cultural situations.  We are interested, mostly, on exploring the different scenarios offered by the media, understood in the widest sense of the word.  We observe them in very different contexts, for example, their use within the family, the school or in teenager or children´s leisure time.  

How did we get to this point?  By trying to establish bridges between different educational scenarios.  The first studies by the group  Imágenes, palabras e Ideas in the late nineties were focused on school work.  They seemed to be a way of establishing a bond among the family and the school.  Results from the applied research showed they contributed more to turning the home into a school than to breaking barriers in the classroom.  Media such as the television or videogames revealed themselves as bridges capable of establishing more powerful liaisons.

Today, we have widened our interests towards the challenges posed by the audiovisual sector, especially with regards to its influence over children and youngsters. Through collaborations with the sector, with foundations and other non-profit organizations we have established new fields of research.

List of Projects

Video Games

Family and school

New literacies

Civic education

Innovative experiences


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