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What is NVivo? How it could help us?

NVivo is software designed for qualitative data analysis which facilitates coding and analysis of transcriptions or working documents in our research. It helps researchers who need to combine subtle coding with qualitative linking, shaping, searching and modelling. Ideal for those working with complex data, such as multimedia, who wants to do deep levels of analysis. Also allows researchers to import and export data to and from statistical packages. Nvivo allows us to combine a double dimension in our analysis, integrating a narrative (qualitative) and analytical (quantitative) perspective. It also offers a friendly working environment which facilitates using the software.

In Nvivo 2 we have to use text documents as working documents, but it is possible to link different kind of files (pictures, sound files, video, etc.) to text quotations, coded or not, even to whole documents.

In new version NVivo 8 you can also import, sort and analyze audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, rich text and plain text documents.

Working as a research group?

For those researchers wanting to merge several projects in which people have been working separately, Merge for NVivo 2 is available as an add-on-module. This application helps us to compare projects coded by different people and find coincidences and non-coincidences to discuss.

NVivo 8 now includes the very best features of NVivo 2 and much more - including the new ability to work with PDF documents, photos, video and audio files. It also comes with an inbuilt project merge function.






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